Referral Program


Hey there!

Thanks so much for your interest in my referral program. I’m looking forward to having you on board!

I like to keep things as simple as possible so we can make this an abundant exchange for us both! I only reserve the referral program to a specific group of individuals. If you’re here - that means you!

I’ve put all the information below in the form of Q&A to cover all the bases. If you have any questions - feel free to reach out. This is not only about referrals - but is about the relationship WE are building together. I have chosen you to be a part of this program because I feel an alignment with you, and you also believe in ME and the work I create. I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

Living in abundance for all is the BEST!


I believe that everyone should have what they want in life - and that includes amazing photos of themselves. If you’re here - it means I appreciate you deeply & I want to create with you.

I created the referral program for people who really value the beauty of the work I do to provide you with some extra value, and make it more feasible for us to work together.

I see the program as an easy way for us both to win! I get to cast my net wider and gather amazing like-minded clients like you, and you get to earn money and/or credit toward beautiful imagery.

Simple right?


There are two options for the referral program. You can either earn $$, or you can earn credit toward a photography session.


This option is quite simple - you earn $250 cash whenever you refer someone to me and They book in a branding session with me.

Option B - CREDIT

Option B is for those who are in it for the long game!

Each referral you bring my way who books in with me will gain you a $150 credit to a branding photography session of your choice. You can build these up over time as you are able. Each referral you bring my way that books with me will get you $150 in credit toward a photography session. There is no minimum amount required - you can redeem these credits whenever you feel you are able to pay the remaining balance.

The person you are referring will also get 10% off if they use a code specific to you.

Important note: You can build these credits up for as long as you like, but if for some reason I decide to end the referral program - the credits will expire. I will be sure to give you a sufficient heads up if this is the case so you have the ability to redeem your credits.


What services is the referral program available for?
Currently, this is only available for Branding Photography Sessions & does not apply to standard headshots or creative headshots. In the future I may open this up to fine art portraiture clients, but currently branding photography is the only option for the referral program.

When do I get my payment?
You will receive payment once I have completed the session & received full payment from whoever you’ve referred to me.

Can I combine option A and option B?
Unfortunately at this time, no. You can only pick one option.

Do referrals get a 10% off code with the Monetary option?
Referrals will only receive a discount code if you choose Option B - credit.

Does someone have to book and actual session in order for me to receive the credit/cash?

CAN I tell my friends?

I am a strong believer that secrets don’t make friends, but it is very important to note that I ONLY select a LIMITED number of people to be a part of this referral program across different industries. (Typically 1-2 people per industry.)

Why? If I have chosen you to be a part of this program, it is because I feel connected & aligned with you and what you do, and believe in. This program is not available to just anyone.


Questions? Just holler:
+1 (236) 888-9363