Thank you so much for being here.

I have always been fascinated by light. It started a couple of years ago when I did a series of self portraits. Through these portraits, I truly realized the power of light within us as humans. I think this is an important thing to document - for EVERYONE. To pick us up when we have lost our fire & to remind us of how amazing we are.

In these sessons we use the power of light to capture your essence.
We will play with the elements of light and your environment to capture a unique image of who you truly are.

This is about you, your essence & your light.

For a booking fee of $350 you’ll get:
- 90 minute photography session
- proofing gallery to choose your favourite images.
- standard retouching and colour correction

Print & digital images are not included in the booking fee, and are available for purchase separately. Please click “BOOK NOW'“ to see pricing.

** note: the images created in these sessions are for personal use only. If you require imagery for your business or brand, please check out my branding packages here.

Wherever you feel most comfortable and aligned with self. Most people love to shoot in their homes, or in an environment with elements that make them feel at home & reflect their true nature. If you’re not sure where that is for you - that’s okay! We will design a shoot catered to you.
**Bookings outside of Vancouver, or those that require the use of a studio may incur a fee.

Bookings open until the end of MAY.