…and you deserve to feel that way. FULL STOP.

I know this first hand. Photographs I have of myself have healed me, grounded me, and brought me home to MYSELF - and I want to give this to you.

Here are a few things I know for sure:
1. We all deserve to own exactly who and what we are.
2. We all have a divine light within us that is asking to be seen
3. We all deserve to have a piece of artwork of us ON OUR WALL to ADMIRE ALL THE TIME. To have as our phone background - whatever. WE DESERVE TO DESTROY THE SHAME WE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT TO FEEL ABOUT LOVING OURSELVES.
4. It takes courage (which you DO have) - to show up and be seen and heard. And the world needs more women doing just that.

From the bottom of my heart, that is why I have created these sessions. They are not just photographs, they are healing.